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Three’s Company

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Law-Abiding: Chrissy, Jack, and Janet

Well now I’ve heard it all. I mean, I’ve always known that oral sex was illegal in several states, and I was not surprised when the Texas Board of Education erased Thomas Jefferson from their textbooks, but this morning  I learned that in New York City it is illegal for more than three unrelated people to live together in an apartment or a house! Don’t believe me?  Here’s this morning’s NY Times article:

In New York, Breaking a Law on Roommates


"what a pushy, asshole, passive agressive [sic] broker"

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Overall the response has been great to my very first video appearence as a real estate professional. However, there was that one comment on 12/04/2009 at 2:34PM.