jimstoopdogsborder-no-blue.jpgJim Winters is the publisher and primary writer for From The Stoop.  He currently works as a licensed real estate broker in Brooklyn and started this blog to share his real estate experience, give advice, and educate the public.

Jim worked for 16 years as a consultant/software developer for a number of Wall Street firms. Most recently, he designed a risk management system for the equity derivatives trading floor at a large international financial firm. Jim became interested in real estate in 2003, while looking for his first investment property, a 3-family limestone. Soon after he was bitten by the real estate bug and knew it was time to change careers. He finds that his technical skills are a perfect match for selling and marketing real estate in the 21st century.

Jim’s combination of honesty, integrity, and grit is rare in the real estate business. His clients know him as a straight shooter, who tells it like it is. As one customer put it, “Jim Winters’ approach to working as a real estate agent is absolutely novel by New York standards. ” Extremely competent and thorough, Jim guides his clients through every aspect of the real estate transaction. He prides himself on always being available to answer clients’ questions and following through. Jim’s best asset may be his natural enthusiasm for teaching; and his greatest reward is the number of referrals he gets from current clients.

Jim has lived in Brooklyn for 20 years and according to many of his customers, his enthusiasm for the borough is infectious. He currently lives with his wife Julia, their new son Nathan, and their two dogs, Winnie and Q. Jim can be reached by clicking the email tab above or you can find him every morning in Prospect Park walking the dogs.

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